Ontario Premier Doug Ford mocked and praised for acting as 'taxi' and 'snow plow' during massive snow storm

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford acted as a 'taxi' and 'snowplow' during massive snow storm

As Ontario is walloped with snow on Monday, Premier Doug Ford decided to drive around the Etobicoke area of Toronto to help people stuck in the snow by giving them a ride.

"Just making sure people are safe in their cars and anything I can do to help them," Ford told CP24, notably taking the interview, which aired live on TV, while still driving.

A video was also posted on TikTok that shows an individual in the car with the Ontario premier on Monday.

"I'm the taxi driver today, the snow plow, everything else," Ford says in the video, which also resulted in several people on social media pointing out that both the premier and his passenger were not wearing masks in the car.

Up to 40 cm of snow is expected to fall in some of the hardest hit areas on Ontario, with wind gusts between 60 to 80 km/h.

There have been several images posted online of the massive buildup of snow, people trying to move stalled buses and even individuals skiing through the streets.

The Toronto Police Service also temporarily closed all on-ramps to the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway to help move vehicles that are stuck and to allow snow ploys to clear the roads.

Toronto police have cautioned the public to not travel unless it is absolutely necessary and urged drivers to ensure they have a full tank of gas, take their time on the roads, wear warm clothes and pack emergency supplies.