Only one team other than the Lakers made a real offer for Dejounte Murray

With just days to go before the Feb. 8. trade deadline, Los Angeles Lakers fans are growing ever more anxious for a deal to go down and improve the team’s roster.

It seems there are two ways the Lakers can go: trade for Dejounte Murray in order to secure an upgrade at the point guard position or go for a 3-and-D wing. While it looks like they may be prioritizing the latter over the former, perhaps Murray could still be had.

Jake Fischer of Yahoo! Sports said on “The Saturday Stein Line with Marc Stein” that the Utah Jazz are the only other team in the NBA that has made an actual offer for Murray. However, Fischer also pointed out that L.A. doesn’t have a package Atlanta considers attractive enough (h/t Lakers Daily).

“The only teams I’ve really heard actual offers about have been from the Lakers and from Utah, and the Lakers just don’t have a clear, obvious package that’s gonna give the Hawks the picks they want, a player they want and a player who doesn’t have what’s considered to be bad long-term salary,” Fischer said.

There have been many reports that the Lakers have been in hot pursuit of Murray for at least the past few weeks. But after the Hawks asked for Austin Reaves and the Lakers countered with D’Angelo Russell, whom the Hawks don’t want, trade talks stalled.

But if last season was any indication, perhaps the asking price for a player L.A. wants will drop just before the deadline arrives.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire