Only one Bengal makes PFF top 101 players of 2023 list

The 2023 season didn’t go how the Cincinnati Bengals would have hoped, to put it lightly. While many teams would have been very pleased with the 9-8 finished they ended at, missing the playoffs and Joe Burrow being injured was the worst-case scenario for them.

Now that the season is well over, PFF ranked the top 101 players from the season overall, and the Bengals were not well-represented.

Trey Hendrickson was the only Cincinnati player to make the list and he was 43rd. Here’s what Sam Monson had to say about him:

Nobody sacked the quarterback more than Hendrickson, who actually tied T.J. Watt for the most plays with a sack — the only difference being how the NFL apportions half-sacks in their official numbers.

Hendrickson did have the best season of his career in his third year with the team, totaling 17.5 sacks and 25 quarterback hits, making his third straight Pro Bowl.

It certainly could be argued that Hendrickson should be higher on this list than 43, and that more Bengals should be represented, but now the team is just looking to have a better season in 2024.

If Burrow is able to stay healthy, one would have to think that he and maybe a few other players on the Bengals offense would have made it onto this list.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire