'O'Neill not ruling anything out'

Michael O'Neill isn't in any rush to rule out a move back to club football amid links to Aberdeen, says Northern Irish broadcaster Michael Clarke.

Speaking on BBC's Scottish Football Podcast, Clarke suggests the Northern Ireland manager may be looking to "remind the world" he's available if a deal can be struck.

"It's a curious one because when the press conference took place in Belfast, ahead of this double header, I opened it by asking that question, 'would you like to just dispel this now and we can get on with international matters?' And he didn't really do that."

"He said, 'well, I'm committed to Northern Ireland. I have a contract here. I don't really want to comment any further.'

"And then I said, 'well, just for the record, is that no, then you're not really interested.' And he still didn't say no.

"He keeps talking about the things he wants to do with Northern Ireland whilst reminding us Stoke were able to buy him out of his contract the last time. There is a wee bit of that with Michael here, I feel.

"So whether that is for Aberdeen's benefit or whether that's just reminding the rest of the world that for the right price if a good enough offer was out there, he would never say never."