One stat shows how Jerry Jeudy’s addition makes Browns more explosive

One of the goals for the Cleveland Browns this offseason is to find a way to get more dynamic in the passing game. General manager Andrew Berry took the first step towards doing that, trading away two-day three picks for Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy.

Though he hasn’t played up to his potential with some poor quarterback play, it is clear that at his best, he’s an above-average athlete who can make big plays. One stat shows this best as PFF’s Brad Spielberger posted that only five wide receivers since 2022 have had double-digit receptions of over 40 yards, and Jeudy finds himself on that list with 10 such catches.

Also on that list is Jeudy’s new teammate, Amari Cooper, who has had 12 receptions of over 40 yards. Cleveland will likely still look towards the 2024 NFL draft to add even more at the position, but for now, they have made a significant move in the right direction to build off of a great 2023 season.

Story originally appeared on Browns Wire