One Sacramento-area therapist talks up ‘stressed out’ patients worried about the Kings leaving

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We know that the city of Sacramento loves its Kings. Dan Devine’s column from earlier on Thursday featured a moving video tribute to the franchise’s rebirth, and commitment to the California capital. Still, not every Sacto-dweller has to be an NBA fan, and with the Kings ranking 30th out of 30 teams in attendance last year, not every Kings fan apparently felt like handing its money to the team’s former owners.

(The crummy basketball probably hurt, too.)

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According to one Sacramento-area family therapist, though, she took in some real first-hand tributes to how much the Kings meant to her patients, and just how much a potential Kings move to another city was causing a chill at home. From Jason Jones at the Sacramento Bee:

When NBA Commissioner David Stern made his grand entrance, literally walking down the purple carpet outside the security desk, some of the fans chanted his name. One longtime fan, who was holding photos of Kings players and Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson shouted, "Thank you, Commissioner. You're our hero!" I approached her a few minutes later to hear more of her thoughts, and was given an earful. Joyce Dovelli, 55, a licensed family therapist, swears the Kings uncertain future contributed to domestic discord. "A lot of people who came in were stressed out about the Kings leaving," she said. When I asked, 'Are you kidding?' she grinned, then replied, "Actually, no."

We don’t want to come off as irreverent here, and Dovelli comes highly recommended, but that is somewhat surprising. Again, Sacramento loves its Kings … but to the point where it would cause marital sniping?

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Worried Kings fans should have been told to take their mind off of an impending move by catching up on chores around the house. Like, constructing a piece of Ikea furniture with your partner. That always makes for a fun afternoon.

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