What one Rutgers football player did James Franklin say is one of the best players they’ll face all season?

James Franklin named one Rutgers player one of the best his program will face all season, and it is none other than the ‘Aussie Assasin.’

Adam Korsak, considered one of the top punters in the country, is having another tremendous season for Rutgers. Of his 53 punts in 2022, Korsak has landed 26 punts inside the 20-yard line. He is averaging 44.3 yards per punt.

For Rutgers, he has been a tremendous asset throughout his time with the program. Saturday against Penn State will represent Korsak’s final game at SHI Stadium of his college career.

Speaking during his weekly press conference, Franklin praised Korsak’s ability and his versatility in punting styles.

“Their punter is, I think, one of the more impressive players that we’ve played this year regardless of position. Finished second in the Ray Guy Award last year,” Franklin told reporters this week.

“This guy is one of them Aussie punters that can do it rolling to his right, rolling to his left, traditional from the pocket. He’ll run with it if you’re not containing him. He’ll hold on to the ball so the coverage units can cover down. He’ll pin you deep. They’re not always the big, beautiful spiraling, high-hang time punts. A lot of times they’re line drive low ones that hit the ground and run. He is a difference maker and a problem from Melbourne, Australia.”

Korsak and the rest of the outgoing senior class will be honored on Saturday as part of Senior Day.


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(h/t to Jimmy Gill, Rutgers associate athletic director, for the tip on Franklin’s comments)

Story originally appeared on Rutgers Wire