One reminder about developing strong football teams shows why Bennie Wylie must be fired

The summer preceding this USC football season was filled with optimism for a number of reasons. One was that when players were observed in August practices, they appeared to be bigger and thicker than they were the season before. Players who were in the program in 2022 had seemingly developed their bodies.

We’re not here to dispute that players got bigger and thicker under strength and conditioning coach Bennie Wylie. We talked to people during the summer, and it was generally agreed upon that players were bigger.

However, after two months of live football action this season, we can make the following point: It isn’t translating into what we see on Saturdays.

Tim Prangley, who was part of our weekly USC show at The Voice of College Football, said this past Monday night that being bigger and being stronger are two different things.

It isn’t the job of the strength coach to create bigger players. It’s the job of a strength coach to create stronger players. USC doesn’t have stronger players. That’s why Bennie Wylie needs to be fired.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire