One-on-one with Oregon center Kel'el Ware

Krysten Peek sits down with the 7-footer heading to Oregon next season, Kel'el Ware.

Video Transcript

KRYSTEN PEEK: I'm Krysten Peek here with Kel'el Ware. We're at USA basketball U18 tryouts in Houston, Texas. Kel'el you guys have had a few sessions now under your belt. How do you think, you know, the competition is?

KEL'EL WARE: I feel like the competition is pretty, like, high, but we just got to bring it every day and just practice on our craft and just get better at it.

KRYSTEN PEEK: You're one of the older guys here. Do you feel like you're taking on more of a leadership role with this group?

KEL'EL WARE: I do. Some of the guys, I feel like they look up to me, but I just got to play the leader role and show them what's good and what's not-- what's not to do.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Anyone down low that you've kind of been battling the last couple of days that kind of surprised you at all?


KRYSTEN PEEK: Gigi-- Gigi Jackson. OK, and you're headed to Oregon. You had a great spring your senior season. I mean, you were-- you played well at McDonald's and then a hoop summit, did you do Jordan brand as well?

Yeah, so all 3, and NBA scouts were there. What were you hoping to show the NBA guys that were there to come see you play?

KEL'EL WARE: Just showing them what all I can do. I'm able to shoot the ball. I'm able to post up, like score, defend well, get rebounds, get blocks, and just showing them what they haven't been able to see.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Where have you seen the most growth in your game from maybe last year to this year?

KEL'EL WARE: Um, getting physical. I'm more physical now. At first, I used to dodge contact, but now it's like I have to go into it, so just getting used to that. And I say physical.

KRYSTEN PEEK: OK, Dana Altman was here watching you at this session. What did he say to you that you need to do and work on this summer to be able to come in next year and be an instant impact player?

KEL'EL WARE: Yeah, just get stronger and high motor, that's it.

KRYSTEN PEEK: And what are your teammates also is here, Dior Johnson, are you guys starting to build that chemistry a little bit for the court next year?

KEL'EL WARE: Yes, ma'am, yes.

KRYSTEN PEEK: What NBA players do you watch and try to add to your game and copy?

KEL'EL WARE: I watch KD. I watch AD. And I watch some of Joel Embiid too, so--

KRYSTEN PEEK: OK, so you got to work on your handle then, right, if that's who you're watching? OK, and then, when you look forward to next year, what are you most looking forward to playing in the Pac 12 and playing at Oregon?

KEL'EL WARE: Just maybe to showcase, like, who I am and what my name stands for, so.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Any games that you're circling on the calendar that you can't wait to play in?

KEL'EL WARE: Not right now. I don't got it in my head right now.

KRYSTEN PEEK: Just one thing at a time, right? Get to USA basketball, go get that gold medal, and then focus on the college season, right?


KRYSTEN PEEK: All right, Kel'el well, thank you so much for the time. For more information on Kel'el Ware and his college journey, keep it right here on Yahoo Sports.