All-time Cowboys great thinks Eagles could become a dynasty

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All-time Cowboys great thinks Eagles could become a dynasty originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

If there’s anything a Dallas Cowboys player, current or former, would very likely stay away from is sending a compliment towards a Philadelphia Eagles player, and vice versa.

Least of which The Playmaker himself, Michael Irvin, who never misses an opportunity to reveal the big blue star emblazoned on his heart.

But the Hall of Famer is officially, on the record, almost inexplicably, a member of the Jalen Hurts Fan Club.

The NFL Network analyst was a guest on The National Football Show with Dan Sileo, and was asked about Hurts’ potential, and he was on the verge of going overboard throwing bouquets at the Eagles QB.

“Jalen Hurts? Absolutely I’m a fan! I’m a fan of any winner. Jalen Hurts has been a winner. At Alabama, he’s winning at Oklahoma, and I’m so afraid. I’m so afraid of what he may be able to do in Philly. Because the two worst words you can hear if you’re part of Cowboys Nation in ‘Philadelphia Dynasty’. Philly has something lined up right now that those two words can commingle. A Philadelphia dynasty. If they get the right man on the steering wheel – that’s the head coach – and the right man under center – that’s the quarterback – boy, that could be scary. And I like Jalen Hurts, I like his leadership, I like what he brings to the table. That could make it a different situation in Philly."

Holy mackerel.

I feel like Irvin is more positive about Hurts than just about anyone, with the exception of Hurts himself, and Nick Sirianni. Maybe.

And a Philadelphia dynasty?!? Usually fan bases won’t start throwing the d-word around until a team, say, at least gets to a Super Bowl, or wins one. The Eagles squeaked into the 2021 postseason, where they were in the game they played for about 30 seconds following the coin flip. Even the most fervent of Eagles fans would get shouted down by most of her or his friends for presenting that the Birds are on their way to a dynasty.

The conversation continued, turning to the Eagles’ chances to take the NFC East this upcoming season.

SILEO: You think this Eagles team is good and compete with the Cowboys for the division title?

IRVIN: Yes it will. I’m saying all this too, now… these are – we won’t call them ‘misfits’ – but they can combine and make some kind of connection. DeVonta Smith can say, ‘people didn’t like me because I was too small, they didn’t think I could make it.’ Jalen Hurts can say, ‘people didn’t think I could make it because I wasn’t accurate enough, I couldn’t even play the quarterback position.’ Even A.J. Brown, they said of him and DK Metcalf, ‘oh, he’s a little too stiff to become great NFL wide receivers.’

Once you get these kinds of players, and they’re the top players on your team, and somehow they all have a chip on their shoulder about how they were treated, and they come together and show the whole damn world they were wrong, things can happen… that was a lot of what we did at [Sileo and Irvin were teammates at the University of] Miami. Oh, y’all don’t like us? Oh, nobody likes us? We’re just gonna whoop everybody’s ass then! … and I am absolutely scared and worried about what’s going on in Philly right now.”

Hmmm. That sounded an awful lot like a certain speech I remember from a few years ago on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum from that guy in the Mummers costume. Irvin did everything but put an underdog mask on and sing the song…

No one likes us, no one likes is, no one likes us, we don’t care…

This is some ‘through the looking glass’ stuff here, folks. A former Cowboys player, one of the most hated in the history of the rivalry, going out of his way to shower the Eagles with compliments and boast about their potential to become a dynasty?

He’s messing with us. Is he messing with us? He’s messing with us.

I still feel like I need a shower.