One year later, the Nationals' championship parade brings back great memories

Nick Ashooh
·2 min read

One year later, the Nationals' championship parade brings back great memories originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Is there anything better than going to a championship parade?

Just a couple of years ago there was a huge number of D.C. sports fans that had never even experienced one, myself included. Now, we're a year removed from our second. 

It's hard to believe it's been a year since the Nationals' championship parade.

I looked back recently at the birth of the nickname "District of Champions", which took shape after the Nationals won that World Series, and it really took flight around the parade.

If you'd already been to the Caps' parade, you felt like a veteran this time around. You knew there'd be crowds, probably tried to plan where you'd stand even though the parade route was a little different, and prepared to get covered in confetti. 

"How many people will show up to this one? Will we be able to see the trophy? I have to hear Baby Shark so many more times?"

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This parade had its moments that felt like 2018, but it also had its uniqueness. 

 Just red as far as you could see like last time, but with the Nationals' own culture mixed in.

The cool thing about this parade, similar to the Capitals' too, was that everyone was in a good mood. I mean how often are you standing in a massively overcrowded situation (before 2020) and not in a terrible mood?

Everyone was there for the same thing -- to celebrate the Nats. 

Yes, there were chants about re-signing Anthony Rendon, and we know how that ended up, but for 95 percent of the day, it was about what the Nationals did, and we were all there to celebrate it. 

Even with a season we'd like to forget this year (and probably will), we still have these memories to hang on to. 

Hopefully, more on the horizon too.