One key point about Caleb Williams at USC pro day: Finger injury from 2023 was no longer apparent

When we consider the point that Caleb Williams was very impressive at his USC pro day demonstration for NFL scouts, coaches and executives, one detail needs to be noted. Caleb Williams, who had a finger injury during the 2023 USC football season which at times seemed to be reducing his overall accuracy and precision, did not seem to be carrying the effects of that injury on Wednesday. It’s an underrated and overlooked point about Caleb that his finger injury coincided with some of his less-than-great moments at USC in 2023. It raises the question of whether Caleb was in some ways trying to compensate for that finger injury. In the process, decisions and the level of confidence attached to those decisions might not have been as good as he or USC would have hoped.

Caleb was throwing a bigger, sharper ball at pro day, a lot more like the 2022 Heisman Trophy-winning version of Caleb than the 2023 version which was certainly good, but not as good as the year before. When looking at Caleb Williams as an NFL draft prospect, that one detail — the reduced negative effect on the finger and the overall throwing motion — could be more significant than a lot of people might be willing to admit.

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Story originally appeared on Trojans Wire