One-Hour Workout: Building 100s Swim

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This week’s One-Hour Workout also doubles as our Day 5 Do Something Streak workout and features a straightforward swim session that’s perfect for this time of year. There are two variations--one longer, one shorter--so pick whichever works best for your current fitness level and/or time available.

Begin with a 500 easy warm-up, keeping effort easy, at RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) 4-5/10. Be sure to mix in some non-free, ideally backstroke, for a few 50s.

The main set is 8 x 100 building effort every two, starting at RPE 5/10, then nudging to 6/10 for the next two, 7/10 for the two after, and finishing at 8/10 for the final two. This should all feel comfortable and aerobic.

If you’re looking to do the longer version, you’ll do a 50 easy swim, then repeat the 8 x 100 pattern, before wrapping up the workout with a 200 easy cool-down. If you’re keeping it shorter, you’ll simply swim down after the first round of 8 x 100 with 100-200 easy.

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One-Hour Workout: Building 100s Swim


500 easy @ RPE 4-5/10

Main set

2 rounds of:

8 x 100, building effort every 2, as: 2 @ RPE 5/10; 2 @ RPE 6/10; 2 @ RPE 7/10; 2 @ RPE 8/10

50 easy

Note: If looking for a shorter workout, simply do 1 round of 8 x 100


200 easy


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