One FOX host has ridiculous take on Washington’s skill players

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If you’re looking for some ridiculous sports takes, look no further than the weekday shows on ESPN and FOX. Skip Bayless made the genre famous, and others followed.

On Friday morning’s episode of “First Things First” on FS1, the panel discussed which team in the NFC East was the best, Washington or Dallas. One of the show’s hosts, Nick Wright, offered the following opinion on Washington’s skill players:

“It’s not just that their quarterback room is (Taylor) Heinicke and (Ryan) Fitzpatrick,” Wright said. “It’s that their skill position, all the rooms, running backs, tight ends, it’s bottom two in the NFL. Logan Thomas is their No. 1 tight end; that ain’t great. Terry McLaurin is fine, I guess. But then it’s Curtis Samuel and McLaurin; if we’re ranking No. 1 receivers, does he come in the top 15? Does he come in the top 15 for No. 1 receivers? No, so he can’t be that good.”

Where do we begin?

First, who is this guy? A little research revealed some other laughable sports takes over the years.

So, about those opinions.

Apparently, he hasn’t watched Thomas play. I would think Washington tight ends coach Pete Hoener knows a little more about tight ends than Nick Wright. Just a hunch.

Then, saying Terry McLaurin isn’t a top-15 wide receiver is just a bad take. But his reasoning for ending his diatribe by saying McLaurin “can’t be that good” is obviously a way to get people talking online, right? I mean, what else could it be?

He’s also apparently never heard of Antonio Gibson, who is already among the top 10-12 running backs in the league.

No one is going to argue that Washington’s offense has suddenly morphed into the “Greatest Show on Turf,” but it’s certainly not “bottom two” in the NFL. And someone should tell Wright that Curtis Samuel does not have an s at the end of his last name.

Perhaps, Wright just wanted to get a reaction online. Well, I guess he was successful on one front.

Here’s the Washington segment for your pure entertainment.