One of the biggest voices in college sports with high praise for both Memphis and Ole Miss

MEMPHIS – There is quite a buzz around Memphis athletics right now and not just here in the Bluff City, but in many parts of the country.

Just ask one of the bigger voices in all of college sports.

ESPN’s Paul Finebaum was the featured speaker Monday night at the Memphis Touchdown club. He was not only quick to point out that he was totally wrong about Ryan Silverfield, but the native Memphian is also a huge advocate for Memphis.

Let’s just say he sees the Tigers – trending up.

“I grew up here. I went to the Liberty Bowl as a kid watching Memphis State play, and there weren’t many very good happy days,” Finebaul said. “But I think in many ways, happy days are here again.”

Finebaum also says that if it wasn’t for realignment misses, the U of M would already be in a better and more lucrative conference.  Something the Tigers deserve.

“I thought the ACC, quite frankly, a year ago, made a mistake not taking Memphis versus SMU. What does SMU bring to the table? Absolutely nothing, in my opinion. As soon as I said the ACC made a mistake, I think the Big 12 made a bigger mistake when they took in Houston and UCF and didn’t come Memphis’ way. This is a great time in Memphis.”

Finebaum is not just a huge advocate for Memphis.

He’s also a big believer in Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels as the college football playoff expands to 12 teams.

“I absolutely expect Ole Miss to be in the playoffs. I think this is the best Ole Miss team maybe since the 60’s and Johnny Vaught. I mean, I think we’re going back in time to find anything that comes close to this.”

And Finebaum’s not just talking about contending in the rugged and soon to be 16-team SEC after the additions of Oklahoma and Texas this summer.

“I think Ole Miss is a legitimate national championship team. I mean, I think the playoffs to me, absolutely and after that, it is a wild card. But I mean, they have an incredible team there.”

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