Men's Preliminary Round - Group A
United States - Serbia

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    If we were using hyphenated identities like the current day and age trend aka political correctness, we'd call the American team African-Americans. Second straight game USA getting all they can handle from some white men. That said, this is not the best team USA could have had and there will never be another Dream Team 1
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    The men's basketball team is not a team. It's a bunch of individuals that try to win games on their own. That was really disappointing tonight, although it was a win I think it showed that they are vulnerable and can be beaten
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    TEAM USA needs to stop clowning around, The laughing, the "BSing"....Shot selection at times today like WHAT WAS THAT !!! They think there so great so good, Keep this up, there wont be a medal in BB EITHER
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    That was a shameful display of basketball. Certainly does not look like a team sport the way these prima donnas play. Embarrassing performance. Kick out the pros and bring in college players next Olympics.
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    Yessir Urafat
    USA defense is making a lot of mistakes, and these shooters for Serbia and Australia are not missing those open threes. Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes are MIA. Opposing teams are fouling US every time they come down on offense to slow the game down, and it's working. DeAndre Jordan actually made his free throws!
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    David and Doug the players ur talking about didn't wanna play
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    Regardless of whether it was a close game. The fact remains that the US did not even send its best players to the Olympics. Lebron James, Stephan Curry, Chris Paul, Blake. Surely basketball fans know who these US Players are.
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    USA is going to win gold.
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    The main loophole is chemistry. Apparently, they lacked the training and ample practice games in order to familiarize well with one another. If USA will not be able to get the gold, Coach K shall exit in sour note, so will USA Basketball... again.
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    Kristen Mccampbell
    What was the score of the last basketball game that USA played