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    Magnificent job in all respects... continue the good work.
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    Personally, I think you took advantage of a situation to draw more attention to yourself. If your going to protest there are more things to honestly protest than the national anthem. If you would actually read the anthem and NOT what someone else told you what it was about. You have to read what the anthem context was in that period of time.
    I congratulate you on your athletic ability. I wonder how well educated you are on US history...
  • c
    It's probably best that very few viewers watches the games, you, or your sport. Nobody has ever stopped you from entering the political arena. Don't use sports or entertainment to share your political views. There are 20+ democrats running for president and their pursuit of change is honorable and cool. If sports and entertainment help others take their mind off of politics and enjoy themselves, let them enjoy.
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    You are not only a great athlete, you are couragious and patriotic, beyond partisan lines. You represent the United States with grace and honor. Thank you!
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    He is an embarrassment, and no amount of comment from his friends and family will change that. You love and respect your country, not a politician or government. You dont turn an opportunity to represent your country, one YOU GET PAID FOR, into a political statement. There is a time for everything and that is not the time to be political. Realize he is paid by democrats, republicans and everyone else who pays taxes and he is representing all those people. If that makes him uncomfortable he dosnt have to do it. But since he is taking everyone's money, he represents everyone, respectfully or no one at all.