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I think the entire first half was about overcoming nerves. The Americans looked especially nervous throughout the beginning of the game, and then finally at the end of the half seemed to calm down. I guess playing in front of over a billion people will do that to you. You've got to give the Chinese team a lot of credit; they came out strong and held their own through the entire half. The more I watch this game, the more it seems like I'm watching a 3-14 game in the NCAA Tournament. The longer China stays in this game, the louder this crowd will become. If the Americans want to pull away in the second half, they've got to come out strong and take the crowd of the game.

A few other halftime observations:

--Dwyane Wade really is looking like his old self again.

--What is going on at the three-point line for the U.S.? They are 1-for-12.

--China's point guard Chen is absolutely fearless.

--Has the point guard trio of Kidd, Paul and Williams done anything yet for the U.S.?

--The Americans started to run more at the end of the half, but they should have been doing that from the start. If they press the Chinese a little more on defense and get their fast-break offense going, this game will be over quickly.

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