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Few things are certain in an Olympics Opening Ceremony: the athletes' oath, the lighting of the cauldron and a wide range of clothing -- from the wacky to the understated -- displayed by each country's delegation. Take a look at the different fashions worn by the Olympians at the Opening Ceremony on Friday evening.

The fashion star of the Vancouver Opening Ceremony was, without question, the pants worn by the Czech delegation. The brightly colored, patterned pants were shown off by the Czech Republic, including flagbearer and NHL legend Jaromir Jagr. The Czechs weren't the only team to show off bright patterns.

Azerbaijan won me over with their brightly colored pants and warm, fuzzy hats, though they were likely a bit warm at the indoor event.

The Bermudans, on the other hand, were likely a bit cold. They wore their country's trademark Bermuda shorts, one of the few times they could wear the shorts for a Winter Olympics.

What team's uniform looked like it would most likely blend in at the local mall? That would be the Olympians from Switzerland, who paired their bright red jackets with blue jeans. Honestly, if it wasn't for their abundance of flags, would you think that they were Olympians?

Estonia's snowflake coats and floppy hats were a favorite of fans both in the Yahoo! Sports chat and on Twitter.

Finally, the award for both the most eye-catching and most-wanted accessory goes to the host country of Canada. The red mittens with Canada's maple leaf embroidered on them are selling out in stores in Vancouver, and looked great as modeled by Canada's flagbearer, Clara Hughes. 

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