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Curling uniforms are traditionally somber. Dark or team-colored shirts and black pants: That's it. No flash, no frills.

No way, says Norway.

They're wearing argyle pants, and they're outstanding.

We thought the Czech Republic's pants were crazy. And they were, but that was for the Opening Ceremony, a time of celebration. This is for competition in a sport where people have a hard time deciding between dark gray and black for their clothes. And that's why they're so great.

The best part is that you can own these pants. Because Christoffer Svae found these pants online, so can we. And we did.

Available from Loudmouth Golf, these argyle beauties retail for $89.95 U.S. They're marketed as "The first argyle pants for men in the world!" – a dubious and hilarious claim. Loudmouth is really filling a void in men's style.

The pants are 97 percent cotton and 3 percent spandex, so you'll be both cool and comfortable when you're just loungin'. Hey, if they make golfer and notorious Loudmouth pants wearer, John Daly look this good, think of what they'll do for you.

FPM rating: Five (out of five) Oksana Baiuls

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