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If you have a few minutes to spare before watching tonight's events, I highly suggest you check out this YouTube clip of Deion Sanders hangng out with Nastia Liukin. While the video itself is a little long, the unintentional comedy is off the charts.

There are several moments in this video that are hilarious, but my two favorite come at the very beginning. First, as Deion walks to the Liukin's door and explains to viewers what he is doing there, it seems like he forgot Luikin's last name, because he just calls her the "world champion gymnast Nastia."

Speaking of names, each time Valeri Liukin refers to Deion as "Primetime," I just about went on the floor.

A big hat tip goes out to Barstool Sports for finding this video, and for accurately pointing out that this could only happen in America.

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