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There is no doubt that Matt Treanor would give anything to be with his wife Misty tonight. The only problem is that his job does not give him a chance to take much time off. As you've probably heard by now, Treanor is a backup catcher for the Florida Marlins, so when Kerri Walsh and his wife go for the gold medal in beach volleyball, Treanor will likely be out on a baseball field in San Francisco, where the Marlins are playing the Giants.  

"I feel like I'm neglecting my wife to a certain extent," Treanor told me last night via phone. "Just because I want to be (in China) with her, I want to experience this with her and I'm not able to ... it's been brutal for me to have to experience (the Olympics) this way."

This is the second time Treanor has had to watch his wife's Olympic dream come true on the television, instead of in person. In 2004 when Walsh and May won their first gold medal in Athens, Treanor had just gotten called up to the big leagues and was unable to attend. Treanor would love to follow her matches every step of the way, but he knows once he hits the field, he's got a job to do. "Misty understands that I can't check (the matches) out most of the time," he said. "That's not to say that I don't want to see what's going on ... but we're in the middle of a pennant race, my focus is with the club here ... it would be unfair for me to kind of skip out on my duties on the field to check her out."

I respect Treanor a lot for thinking like that, but I know if my wife was playing in a gold medal match in the Olympics, I wouldn't be able to focus on anything until it was over. Obviously, some Marlins personnel feel the same way because they keep Treanor informed of Misty's progress while he's on the field. "I haven't seen anything live," Treanor said. "I've gotten updates though from the police officers in the dugout ... they'll come running over and say "Hey (Kerri and Misty) won the first game.""

Treanor's teammates have gotten into the act as well, although they spent most of last week giving him a hard time about his wife's pictures with the President. "I got razzed pretty good," Treanor admitted. "There was an inside joke between (Misty) and the President, it probably looked worse than what it was."

All kidding aside, Treanor understands that his wife has a job to do and there is a part of him that thinks it may be better that he is not there. "In all honesty I think that maybe (me not being there) has been able to keep Misty focused on what she's there to do."

It sounds like Treanor has learned to roll with the punches that come with being the husband of one of the most recognizable Olympians in the world. He understands that his marriage is much different than most others and embraces what they both have the chance to accomplish this year. "We're in kind of a unique situation as far as a couple is concerned," he said. "It would be awesome to be able to win a World Series and a gold medal in the same year."

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