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This just in: Team USA goalie Ryan Miller has not, repeat, has not guaranteed a gold medal for his team. And MSNBC found that out the hard way on Friday.

The network had a phone interview with someone claiming to be the Buffalo Sabres goalie on Friday afternoon after the U.S. victory over Finland in the Olympic hockey tournament semifinals.

Fake Miller vowed the USA would win gold. This is something the guarded, spotlight shy Real Ryan Miller would, of course, never do. As he would tell MSNBC's Willie Geist during an actual interview with the U.S. Olympian later, Miller heard from friends and NHL personnel "asking if I'd become that much different and that cocky because of this."

From Media Bistro, a snippet of Geist's apology interview with Miller tonight, which actually interrupted an episode of "Hardball."

Geist: First and foremost, Ryan, please accept our apology. It's a mistake that never should have happened. We misrepresented your name. We regret it deeply and I personally feel terrible about it.

Miller: No problem. I appreciate a good prank. But I do try to keep my reputation intact... I just want to clear up I [wouldn't be] guaranteeing a gold medal. I look forward to a great game to compete for a gold medal, though.

Good to see ESPN isn't alone in the athlete phone prank department. Huffington Post has been all over this story, first capturing video of the full apology from MSNBC and Willie Geist and then offering this video of the prank and the apology, from Mediaite:

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