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To Tweet or not to Tweet.

That's the question Lindsey Vonn and other Olympic athletes are asking themselves one week before the Winter Games begin in Vancouver. And the answer isn't as simple as you might think.

Vonn, who's expected to contend for five medals at this month's Olympics, posted a pre-Games farewell message on her Twitter page Thursday, evidently because she believed IOC regulations forbid athletes from using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook during competition.

She wrote:

because of the Olympic rules (blackout period) I will not be able to post any updates from now until march 3rd. Sorry, it bums me out too! 

But Wired Magazine spoke with a USOC official who says that there is no Olympic blackout and athletes are free to post messages during the Games. There are certain restrictions in place though. Athletes can't double as journalists, which means all posts/Tweets have to be written in first person. (I'm not sure why that matters at all. Was there really a lot of confusion from athletes posing as newspaper writers?) And there are also rules on the books about referencing sponsors who aren't officially affiliated with the Olympics, like Vonn and her deal with Red Bull.

It seems that the message is getting back to Vonn, who posted on her Twitter account Friday morning seeking clarification on the issue.

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