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As previously mentioned, the USA Curling Team is asking for donations of at least $25 for their raffle. What we didn't mention was how excited we are for these prizes. Because we are very excited. Check 'em out:

- Airfare
- Ground transfers to and from the airport to your hotel
- Transportation to and from your hotel to the curling venue
- Tickets to each day's curling competition
- Official U.S. Curling Team apparel and pins
- VIP experience with the teams


Plus, as if there could be anything more to want, you get to be honorary skip of the US curling team.


Just let your mind wander for a minute. You're the captain of an international athletics team. You get to experience all the wonders that entails. We're talking late-night parties. We're talking six-foot party subs on the reg. We're talking groupies, and everybody knows curling groupies are the best of all Winter Olympics groupies. And personalized polo shirts.

This is such an outstanding opportunity, you guys. All they're asking is so precious little. So just pop out your wallet and make some $25 donations. Next thing you know, you'll be sliding around the ice in your official US Curling Team apparel. That's the life.

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