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This picture was taken during the opening of the athletes' village last week, but I feel like it is the perfect image to go with on the day of the Opening Ceremony. The Chinese Olympic team is all smiles heading into the village, and like the rest of the country, taking pride in the fact that the Games have finally arrived in Beijing.

There is one guy in the back who looks like he is having a little more fun than the others though. He jumped on Yao's back and tried to playfully hit him with a stuffed animal. When I first saw this picture I could not stop laughing. Who is this guy? He looks like a five-year old who is trying to climb on his dad's shoulders at Disney World.

I hope NBC shows this guy during the Opening Ceremony tonight, I can't wait to see what he does next.

As always, put your best caption ideas down below ...

After the jump, you'll see the winner from Wednesday's C-a-C.

Michael Phelps pulls his best MJ impression

1st-- Speedy

"Gosh, I hate the taste of chlorine."

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