Olivia Culpo on Her ‘Vogue’ Photoshoot With Her Boyfriend & the Beauty Products She Credits For Her ‘Dewy Glow’

Jason Pham
·1 min read

Olivia Culpo lives most of her life online. As a social media influencer, her Instagram is filled with photos of every outfit she’s worn, every meal she’s eaten and every moment she’s had over the past several years. But even she couldn’t imagine how much her life would be online in 2020.

“Like so many of us, we realized so many things can be done digitally,” she tells StyleCaster.

Since quarantine started, she’s had to pivot from red carpets and professional photoshoots to Zoom junkets and at-home covers. “I have had virtual press days at my house for the release of my Sports Illustrated cover and my sunglass capsule collection with Privé,”...

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