Olin Kreutz: Bears' Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace still not 'safe' from losing jobs

Joe Collins
·2 min read

Why 'none of these guys are safe' including Nagy, Pace originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Bears win. It’s all better now.

Right? Wrong?

To say the Bears have righted the ship after a six-game losing streak is an understatement—all but sinking the Vikings’ playoff ship Sunday in a 33-27 win.

The Bears were dead in the water earlier this month. Management at Halas Hall was on the hot seat. But thanks to a two-game winning streak, the 7-7 Bears are now firmly on the playoff bubble.

NBC Sports Chicago’s Football Aftershow panel debated whether or not GM Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy’s jobs were safe.

The answers? Well, it’s complicated.

“None of the guys are safe right now, no matter how this year ends, no matter how it goes,” Olin Kreutz said. “{Nagy} hasn’t lost his team, obviously. The team is still playing hard for him. Now the defense is going in the wrong direction and if you’re an owner, you have to worry about that …  But then you talk about Ryan Pace—and none of his first round picks have looked really good except for Roquan Smith.”



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Alex Brown was a little cautious: “If I’m ownership…how are we going to do this going moving forward because, yes, we do see some improvement on the offensive side. And is this what we’re going to see moving forward? I want to hear where we are going to and if that’s the case, then you have to talk about bringing Mitch back.”

Will the narrative change if –or when-- the Bears beat Jacksonville next week? Or if the Bears fall short of the playoffs after the Green Bay game? Probably.

Check back here in a few weeks.