The Oldie but Goodie is our take on The Old Fashion

This classic cocktail is a crowd favorite

Video Transcript

- Hello, hello. Welcome to In The Know Bar Master. My name is Josue Alday, and today we're going to be making an Old-Fashioned. The Old-Fashioned that I'm going to make is an oldie but goodie. Most commonly known, the Old-Fashioned is some kind of whiskey with some kind of simple syrup. Today, we're gonna give things just a little twist.

First, we're gonna start with our bitters, get a few dashes in there. Get a little bit of your spice rack syrup. Now, it's a 1/4 ounce. You can add a little more if you want sweetness, or you can do a little less if you want it drier.

Now we have the star of the show, Michter's Bourbon. Rumor has it that George Washington actually used to own this brand for a while. Now, we're gonna ice our mixing glass.

Get your favorite bar spoon out and give it a nice, gentle stir. You want to keep stirring it until you see that the glass gets a little condensation on the side and then the ice kind of meets the liquid in the middle. So it settles in. It lets you know that you have reached the proper dilution. And we're going to put our nice ice cube inside our glass and strain our Old-Fashioned in.

To finish things off, we're going to add the aromatic of lemon, a little bit of orange as well. Put these two together, and there you have it. This is an oldie but goodie. This has been In The Know: Bar Master. I'm [? Josue ?] [? Alday. ?] Happy drinking.