‘Old Spice … why are you a bad boy?’ That Mysterious French-language Grammys commercial, translated

Image: Old Spice
Image: Old Spice

During the Grammy Awards in New York on Sunday night, there was one commercial that left viewers guessing. Old Spice Captain, which, according to the brand’s website, “smells like the bold determination it takes to stare down the open ocean and laugh”,  aired a mysterious commercial featuring a glamorous French woman in a sparkling Mediterranean village, who is very upset over “Old Spice.”

(Photo: Old Spice)
(Photo: Old Spice)

The commercial begins with a woman clutching a red sweater in her cozy home. As she snuggles the sweater, she envisions herself with a handsome caption wearing the sweater, and holding Old Spice deodorant. But then the chaos begins.


The woman looks puzzled, as if she’s lost something important, and is soon seen running through the narrow brick streets of her town, telling her glamorous neighbors something deeply upsetting, and it all boils down to Old Spice, which is the only word English speakers can decipher, a phrase she repeats with escalating urgency.

Why? We don’t know, unless, of course, we’re fluent in French. Luckily, many on the Internet are, and they swooped in for quick explanations:

Well, mystery solved. Old Spice released the captioned commercial on YouTube:


Oh wait, it’s about a lost dog??? Never mind.

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