Olaveson gets hot, burns Sunset Lanes with 24-strike series

Troy Olaveson rolled both his best series (729) and game (268) of the 2022-23 season in Elks & Friends League play at Sunset Lanes
Troy Olaveson rolled both his best series (729) and game (268) of the 2022-23 season in Elks & Friends League play at Sunset Lanes

Sunset Lanes is still reeling from a drubbing delivered by Troy Olaveson in Elks & Friends League play.

Building on the momentum of a 4-bagger followed by a spare in the 10th to finish an opening 215 game, he began the second by running the front seven, followed by spares in the 8th and 9th frames and a turkey in the 10th for a clean 268 game.

Next, he put together eight strikes and three spares for a 246 en route to a season-high 729 series with 24 strikes. His 268 is also high game this season.

His resume sports a career-high 747, a personal-best 280 game, and a career-high 207 average.

Amazingly, growing up in Idaho Falls, Idaho, he played 3rd base for a 12-13 year-old team who advanced to play in the Little League World Series.

In high school he played football and baseball, and his love of speed on wheels and a competitive nature also led to motorcycle racing which was his passion. In fact, later in his high school years and after, he was a pro motorcycle racer for the Factory Honda Motorcycle team out of Idaho Falls.Away from bowling, he enjoys golfing, cruising around on his UTV, and roots for the Chicago Bears, Utah Utes, and NASCAR's Kyle Busch.

And as a successful entrepreneur, he's also passionate about building custom UTV's for customers and does so at his Custom Sands Motorsports business in St. George. Not surprisingly, if you've seen his work on his company's website, you'll see why he's won two "Best of Show" in the UTV Invasion and Hurricane Car Show in the last couple of years.

On his bucket list is to do a heart-pumping bungee jump, travel to some of the 13 Caribbean countries, and get a hole in one.

In other sizzling pin action, Mo Davis delivered another scoring extravaganza with a monster 290 game along with a 247 and 211 paving the way for a stratospheric 768 series with 24 strikes.

And Bruce Breager combined 23 strikes including an 8-bagger in a 269, along with a 237 and 211 for a terrific 717 set, Shawn Wonder fired 20 strikes in a 693 effort helping raise his Dixie Ten Pins League average to 202, and bolstered by a 264, Mike Hallenbeck tossed a season-high 690.

Meanwhile, Cory Choate raised his DTP League average to 203 with a stellar 679 performance on games of 235, 233 and 211 with 19 strikes, while Russ Harkins (674-247) pounded out 21 strikes in another competitive effort.

Meanwhile, Jorge Grajeda's terrific 674 set raised his average to 202, Chuck Irvine's (660-236) really good outing raised his average to 206, and it's great seeing Ed Worden (613-234) back in 600 territory.

In single game action, Ron Floreani (719) ran the front 9 in a 277, Brendan Thomas (698) smacked a 265, Max Stayrook (658) tallied a 255, while Doyle Mouser (597), 86, also popped a 255.

Wayne Nunley (610) chalked up a 246, Lindsay May (623) bagged a 244, Rob Carrier shot a 240, Brayden Brooks posted a 216, and Patrick Darrah logged a 212.

In women's action, Diana Scharf set the scoring pace with a spectacular 659 series on clean games of 238, 217, along with a 194, while Ashley Thomas (635-226) enjoyed another big week, and Margie O'Neill joined Scharf in a scoring feast at Dixie with a 617 set including an 8-bagger in a 265, and also tossed a 255 at Sunset in a 631 score.

Meanwhile, Karen Balicki (580-208) put up another good outing, Hailey Bundy (564-219) ended a recent scoring funk in convincing fashion, Dawn Thomas (562-209) did good work in her Sunday night league, and Diana Staufffer (556-200)also posted good numbers.

Debbie Lehnen (556-191, 183,`82) was a pillar of consistency, Pat McCabe ended the week in style with 12 strikes in games of 199 and 193 before four splits led to a 155 in a still nice 545 effort.

Margie Jensen (517-220) raised a 147 average with an impressive performance, Pat Verchota delivered a 511, and Dee Rivera (198) scratched out a 501.

In single game play, Donna Jo Judson (557) tossed a season-high 233, Amy Durragh registered a 210, Colleen Bedford (522) rolled a 206, Renee Swall (528) shot a 203, and Kathy Foy (512) posted a 200.

Oh, bay-bee!

Perk Matteson picked up the 3-6-7-8-10 mess... The trio of Marilyn Bramlet, Bev Keeley and Maxine Thurston each spared the 5-7 split.

Senior scores

Tim Swigart 686-247; Paul Yssel 632-235; Barry Sustin 629-203; Dennis Craft 236; Bob Lehnen 223; John Verchota 216; Tom Schwab 212; Gary Miskowiak 207; Adam Sedgwick 205; Jerry Bundy 205; Greg Ward 205; Art Oswald 200; Dave Keller 200; Margie O'Neill 614-237; Susan Hill 593-221; Annette Chugg 534-193; Ann Rasmusen 526-193; Chris Sanzone 517-203; Linda Handke 514-190; Donna Jo Judson 509-216; Pat Schulze 507; Sandie Ulery 505; Janet Parker 504-195; Kathy Robbins 502; Debbie Keyser 210.

High scores

Blaine Hartley 703-243; Kyle Clark 702-253; Lew Agius 691-255; Robert Dickey 690-243; Tim Swigart 688-258; Jim Bedford 687-246; Jay Ankeny 683-258; Fred Foerster 671-232; Wil Mariluch 661-243; Tor Lowry 657-257; John Potter 653-233; Scott Bowden 646-228; Bode Ray 643-231; Tim Brandt 635-225; Jeremy Telford 634-237; Mark Cruz 634-248; Larry Rumple 632-246; Chris Ray 631-223; Brent Carlon 630-234; Michael Garcia 630-238; Marcus Allen 627-256; Alfred Oliveira V 626-245; Kyle Kidman 624-234; Brent Pollock 623-219; Tyler Thomas 622-237; Bill Stauffer 617-226; Tony Zaccheus 614-225; Scott Brosier 612-236; Matt Polatis 611-235;; Chance Evans 610-218; Stan Rasmussen 608-215; Dave Myers 604-209; Dennis Craft 604-231; Trent Nay 604-256; Jake Heaton 602-243; Joe Graham 602-221; Dalton Smith 600-214; Bill Ward 240; Randy James 237; John Worthington 235; Brent Bahrke 235; Don Polich 233; Doug Bowers 233; Ken Schloman 233; Al Oliveira IV 231; Richard Berry 230; Ryan Flippo 229; Cam Caver 225; Chase Evans 225; Dave Castro 224; Jackie Syddall 224; Brayden Chapman 223; Irie Jeremiah 223; JC Barrow 222; Mike Foote 222; Phil San Antonio 222; Phil San Antonio222; Bard Hancock 221; Jeff Rupert 218; Jay Healey 217; Jim Mathews 217; Brayden Brooks 216; Rod Engle 214; Rod Post 214; Jack Rasberry 213; Mike Garbriel 213; Ron Hanson 213; Niko Garcia 212; Patrick Darragh 212; Ben Stang 211; David Schmucker 211; Gage Petersohn 211; Jacob Bouck 211; James Henderson 211; Tustan Spendlove 211; Justin Hammond 210; Matt Hill 210; Duane Sullivan 209; Joel Redfearn 209; Kevin Kidman 209; Devin Werner 206; Nick Mace 205; Randy Halverson 204; Austin Turner 204; Ken Clammer 203; Jeff Anderson 200; Sherri Snarr 568-243; Susan Hill 558-200; Ann Rasmusen 549-199; Indianna Polatis-Nay 548-192; Kara Kopf-Rasberry 542-201; Shell Hurd 533; Diane Shepherd 530; Autumn Telford 529-205;Sharon Reading 525; PJ Redhouse 521-204; Gail Carras 521-191; Annette Chugg 518-201; Stephanie Miller 512; Tammy Blakely 511; Lisa Moss 504-203; Pat McLaughlin 504.

Willie Theis covers league bowling in St. George for The Spectrum & Daily News.

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