The OL can be more consistent, Adeniji assuming leader role

Jon Kirby, Publisher- Football Editor
Jayhawk Slant

The Kansas offensive line can point to ways they improved from week one to the Central Michigan game last Saturday.

Quarterback Peyton Bender attempted 62 passes and was sacked only twice and hurried three times. The Kansas running game picked up 164 yards on the ground, a much improved number over the opening game against Southeast Missouri State.

“I think for sure it (mistakes) is all correctable,” said Hakeem Adeniji. “I think we have a good group of guys and we have a great coach. I think it is all about putting it together. Obviously we have a lot of young guys especially on the right side. It is probably going to take them a little time to get in the flow of things but I trust that they can do it.”


When Adeniji talked about the right side he was referring to Chris Hughes and Antione Frazier. Hughes, a freshman made his first start on the line in week one. Frazier is a sophomore who played in one game last year. In fall camp Hughes beat out Larry Hughes (not related), who has played in 22 games over his career and started 14 of them. Frazier beat out Charles Baldwin, a transfer from Alabama.

Both positions on the right side could be considered mild upsets, but it made them younger and less inexperienced in a hurry.

“I just think we need to go in and be more focused this week,” Adeniji said. “We need to watch more film as a group. We had some busts here and there and I feel like that shouldn’t happen. The biggest part is staying mentally composed throughout the whole game. I feel like we had spurts where we did a good job. But we didn’t do a good job of keeping it consistent.”

Adeniji is trying to take a bigger role in leadership across the front line. Even though he is just a sophomore he started every game as a true freshman. That makes him one of the more experienced players across the front.

“Being a leader on the OL I have to do a better job of keeping our guys on the right track,” he said. “As long as you set that example, regardless of how old you are I don’t think it matters. If you set an example and show people that you can do certain things, they will follow you.”

When the depth chart was released this week the biggest change was Nebraska transfer Zach Hannon moving to the back-up spot at right tackle. The competition is still ongoing throughout the season.

“With the amount of plays that we ran last game coach said he wants to do a better job of keeping guys fresh,” Adeniji said. “So he might implement more guys and amp up the competition. You could see something here or there depending on who has a good week of practice.”

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