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With games currently on-going, it's a bit tough to project where Oklahoma State will wind up in the BCS standings when they're released on Sunday. It is pretty simple to figure out the worst-case scenario, though.

The dividing line in last week's standing came between numbers 11 and 12. Houston was the lowest-ranked zero or one-loss team at 11. South Carolina was the top two-loss team. Thus, 11th is the low-water mark for OSU, if there are no other losses for teams in last week's top 11 in the BCS standings.

There is a very good chance the Pokes are as high as 9th, even without other losses. They have been very strong in the computer component of the BCS, and will remain so. Voters may put them ahead of a one-loss Boise State and no-loss Houston.

Things will be much clearer by midnight, but for now it's safe to assume No. 11 is the worst-case.

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