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October 31, 2012

TCU Report Card

OSU 36 TCU 14

Offense Grade Comments
Quarterback B Lunt was rusty and looked terrible the first half. He showed toughness after getting rocked a few times and came back strong and had a nice day.
Offensive Line B+ The unit as a whole played very solid. Gave up 0 sacks, and ran the ball effectively, but not well enough for an A grade.
Running Backs B+ Randle was solid and had a nice day on the ground. He only averaged 3.9 yards a carry. A good day but he is capable of more.
Wide Receivers A- The banged up WR unit played very well. Especially considering Lunt's poor performance in the 1st half.
Coaching A- Red zone struggles were apparent. The staff did really well mixing up some trick plays to get the offensive rolling early.
Cornerbacks B Much more improved, but I am still going to grade them on their potential. Brown and Gilbert combined for 7 tackles but 0 passes broken up and 0 interceptions. Still, they played very sound defense.
Safeties A+ The unit had a great game. They tackled well and were continuously lined up properly. FINALLY, the defense created some turnovers (safeties combined for 2).
Linebackers A- Very strong day. Continuously blowing up plays. Saw a nice emergence of talent with Lyndell Johnson.
Defensive Line A Played well on the interior line, and good at stopping the rush.
Coaching A+ The defense is rolling and Bill Young should be getting the credit for the increase in play. We are finally seeing what we expected.
Special Teams
Punting/Kickoffs A- Quinn Sharp: enough said.
Punt Return C- Really not good at all. Moore does not look comfortable, and averaging 3.8 yards a return. Why not put Josh Stewart back deep?
Kick Return C+ Averaged 32 yards per return, BUT the fumble was unacceptable. If we put it on the ground this week, KSU will take advantage of it.
Field Goal A+ Sharp was 5/5, and that is 100% where I come from.
Coaching B+ Can't fumble kick Returns.
Conduct B+ 5 penalties for 40 yards. Not bad. Off the field conduct not as good. Can somebody get Calvin Barnett a Scooter?

Offensive MVP: Josh Stewart (6 catches for 120 yards)

Defensive MVP: Alex Elkins (9 tackles and 3 were for a loss)

Offensive New-comer: Blake Jackson (finally joining the party: 94 yards receiving vs TCU)

Defensive New-comer: Lyndell Johnson

Overall, it was great game on the defensive side of the ball. The offense struggled at first but picked it up in the second half. The team showed me what I needed to see to convince me that we can beat KSU. The defense is rolling at the right time, and if Lunt can get back to where he was look for the upset this weekend.

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