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Game 1: vs. Louisiana: White-Gray-White

Game 2 vs. Arizona: White-Black-Black

Game 3 at Tulsa: White-White-Black

Game 4 at Texas A&M: Gray-White-Gray

Game 5 vs Kansas: Black-Black-Orange

Game 6 at Texas: Black-White-Black

Game 7 at Missouri: White-White-White

Game 8 vs Baylor: Gray-Orange-Gray

Game 9 vs. Kansas State: Gray-Black-Gray

Game 10 at Texas Tech: White-White-Gray

Game 11 at Iowa State: What's your best guess? You can count on white for the jersey. W-W-B, G-W-G, B-W-B, W-W-W and W-W-G are off the table.

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