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While Oklahoma State is idle this holiday weekend, plenty of other games are going on that could directly influence OSU's chance to move up in the BCS Standings. They're currently fourth, and could possibly move up a couple of spots without playing. Here is the OSU fan's viewer's guide for the weekend. The team OSU fans will want to pull for is bolded.

No. 2 Alabama at Auburn (Saturday, 2:30 CST, CBS) — This is such a clear number one from the OSU perspective, no other game is really close. OSU fans need Auburn to do them a favor and hand 'Bama their second loss on the season, and eliminate them from the title game picture completely. Polls/Computer — equal impact.

No. 3 Arkansas at No. 1 LSU (Fri, 1:30, CBS) — An Arkansas upset could be bad news for OSU, because it could very well mean the SEC continues to hold the top two spots (or three if Alabama wins) in the BCS standings. LSU isn't falling far no matter what, so a Tiger win clears out the spot right in front of OSU by knocking Arkansas out. Polls/Computer — equal impact.

No. 5 Virginia Tech at Virginia (Sat, 2:30, ABC/ESPN2) — VaTech is ahead of OSU in both human polls. Simply put, the Hokies need to lose here, or in a rematch with Clemson in the ACC title game (Clemson won the regular-season matchup 23-3). Voters don't typically make big changes without a loss somewhere. Virginia has a lot to play for as well. Win and they're in the ACC championship game. Polls

No. 22 Notre Dame at No. 6 Stanford (Sat, 7:00, ABC) — Most everything written at number three applies here. Stanford seems to have a fair bit of support sentiment in the media. They're not moving behind an idle OSU without a loss to the Irish. Polls

No. 8 Houston at Tulsa (Fri, 11:00 AM, FSN) — Tulsa can do their in-state rivals two favors here. First, it ends any discussion of Houston as a NC game contender as the only other undefeated. That's probably not a strong sentiment, but will exist if LSU and Houston are the only undefeateds. More so if LSU happens to lose. Second, Tulsa is strong in computer rankings. Take the Sagarin Ratings, for example, which was one of two CPU rankings to not have OSU at No. 2. Tulsa is 26th and Houston 15h. A TU win would help OSU close the .87 gap they trail Alabama by in Sagarin's rating. OSU's 59-33 win over Tulsa is already viewed as a quality win by the computers, but a win over UH would help. It might thrust TU into the BCS top 25 in the polls, if voters respond. Computers

SEC-ACC matchups (No. 13 Georgia at No. 22 Georgia Tech, No. 17 Clemson at No. 12 South Carolina, Florida State at Florida) — This one is all about taking down the SEC's strength in the computers and perception as a dominant league. If the ACC can win two of the three, it's a positive for OSU...perhaps more in the court of public opinion more than directly in the CPU's or polls.

Texas Tech-No.18 Baylor in Dallas (Sat, 2:30, FSN) — A game where OSU has wins over both teams. This one is clear though — OSU folks should be pulling for Baylor, as the Bears are 18th in the BCS and 7th in Sagarin. One drawback, another win probably permanently secures Robert Griffin III's status ahead of Brandon Weeden in the Heisman race. Computers.

Iowa State at No. 9 Oklahoma (Sat, 11 AM, FX) — A win-win for OSU fans, most likely. If OU wins, they're that much stronger in the polls and CPU's when Bedlam rolls around on Dec. 3. It goes without saying, by the way, that everything discussed here requires an OSU win in Bedlam. If ISU pulls off a second improbable upset in two weeks, OSU's loss looks much better. It would also guarantee OSU a BCS appearance as the Big 12 champion. K-State could tie for the title if they beat BU on Dec 3 and OSU loses, but the Cowboys hold the tie break. Polls/Computers equally

No. 25 Texas at Texas A&M (Thur, 7:00, ESPN) — At number 25 in the BCS, OSU's win over Texas is a quality win. The difference here is OSU has played (and beaten) both teams. Texas is 17th in Sagarin's ratings. A&M is 12th. Hard to predict which win does more for OSU in the computers. Neither is ranked in the polls, but are receiving (few) votes.
Missouri-Kansas in Kansas City (Sat, 2:30, FSN) — Mizzou is 16th in Sagarin's ratings. A win over KU is not going to give them a huge bump by itself, but with losses ahead of them, Mizzou could possibly jump into his top 10. Computers

Louisiana-Lafayette at Arizona (Sat, 3:00) — Another matchup of OSU opponents. Neither is highly-regarded in the computers. Arizona is higher, so it probably helps a tiny bit if they win. Computers

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