Oklahoma Sooners snubbed from hosting an NCAA regional and social media reacted appropriately

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The Oklahoma Sooners are one of the hottest teams in college baseball. Five straight series wins to close out the Big 12 regular season and a run through the tournament to capture their first Big 12 tournament title since 2013.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough as the NCAA announced its 16 regional hosts before the Big 12 title game had reached its conclusion. Even with the Sooners up 8-1 heading into the final innings, the NCAA thought both Texas and Oklahoma State were more worthy hosts of an NCAA regional. The Sooners tied with Oklahoma State in the Big 12 and were a game ahead of Texas in the regular season.

What an absolute farce of a selection process.

How do you not select a tournament titleholder, who holds series wins over TCU, the Big 12 champion during the regular season, and Texas Tech, the highest-ranked team in the Big 12?

It doesn’t make sense and now the Sooners await the decision from the selection committee on where they’ll head for the opening round of the NCAA tournament. Safe to say, the team that hosts the Sooners in their region will be none-to-pleased.

Much like Sooner Nation, who reacted to the NCAA’s snub.

Probably No

Do they even watch the games?

And with a chip on their shoulder

Make it make sense

Kinda makes sense, but still

Big 12 being silly, of course

Wait, where you going?

Complete joke


We're wondering the same thing Mr. Stoia

The disrespect


Good luck

The perfect way to end it

A great year for Oklahoma Baseball

That'll work

All-Big 12 Tournament Team