The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Jeremy Lamb modeled jeans for Walmart (Photo)

A player's first NBA season can be a little overwhelming. Oklahoma City Thunder reserve wing Jeremy Lamb had a fairly uneventful rookie season, playing only 23 games and 147 total minutes for the West's best regular-season squad. As a key player in the trade that sent James Harden to Houston just before the start of the season, Lamb held the promise to become a capable NBA scorer. He hasn't yet, but at just 21 years old he still has the chance to do so.

However, Lamb is at least someone used to being in the public eye. As he revealed on his Instagram account Thursday, Lamb once served as a model for Walmart's Rustler jeans in the big-box retailer's catalogue. Check out the photo above of the young Lamb showing off his best pose (via Big Lead Sports).

It appears that Lamb went with the "stonewashed indigo" look, a dad-heavy style if ever there was one. Yet it's important to remember that the style of clothes matter less than how someone wears them, and from that perspective Lamb looks great. The grin and hands on hips suggest a person totally at home in his surroundings, concerned with his own comfort above the protestations of a fickle public. He knows exactly who he is and what he's doing.

Plus, these jeans are only $7.96! What a bargain!

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