Oklahoma City Thunder fan nails a half-court shot, winning $20,000 for his wife’s cancer fight (VIDEO)

Ball Don't Lie

This video combines so many elements of my favorite things – perfect form on a jump shot, cheerleaders and mascots going batty, bearded dudes going bananas, one giant novelty check, a Blur song, and a husband doing something amazing for his wife. It’s Oklahoma City Thunder fan Heath Kufahl, and via Pro Basketball Talk, here is his fine work from Tuesday evening:

Jenni Carlson, the very good Thunder-minder from The Oklahoman dug a little deeper. It turns out that Kufahl’s wife Jenni, seen in the video after he nails the shot, has been in poor health recently, and the $20,000 he earned will go a long way to supporting her fight against colon cancer. From Carlson’s report:

It's always cool to see someone make that shot, but for the Kufahls and their seven children, it means a bit more: Heath's wife, Jenni, was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in October of 2012. The money will be used for mounting medical bills.

Last year we told you about Jenni's father, John Merrell, the football coach at Christian Heritage Academy, and what her fight against cancer has meant to their family.

Heath Kufahl, according to the Oklahoman, is a boys and girls basketball and volleyball coach at Christian Heritage Academy in Del City, Okla., so you can see where that perfect half-court form comes from. Carlson notes that this is the fourth time since the Thunder moved to Oklahoma City in 2008 that the team’s home arena has seen one of these bombs go in; and while we appreciate the work and potential influence the money earned by the previous winners took in, this is easily the most impactful.

And certainly worth a giant novelty check. Fine work, Mr. and Mrs. Kufahl. Easily the best half-court highlight of the Thunder’s season, and considering the previous winner, that’s saying something.

You can donate to the Jenni Kufahl Fund at this website.

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