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The B1G Schedules for the 2015 and 2016 seasons were released yesterday and rather than just present the schedules without comment, UnScripted Ohio has reached out to a few members of The Buckeye Blogger Network to get their thoughts not only regarding the schedules, but how they might play out in the years to come.

Over the next few months, UnScripted Ohio will be bringing you our Yearly Preview, in which we handicap and predict the 2012 season. For now, the UnScripted Roundtable focuses on the years of 2013-2016. Since we are covering four complete seasons, we have broken this roundtable into four parts for the sake of our readers. No tl;dr's here.

Part 1: 2013

Part 2: 2014

Part 3: 2015

Many thanks to everyone who participated: Jeremy Birmingham, Professor of Birminology at UnScripted Ohio, Grant Edgell, Editor in Chief of BuckeyeHouseCall.com, Jeremy Schneider of OurHonorDefend.com and my good friend Chris Hunt, writer for TheBuckeyeBattleCry.com

We went through many virtual adult beverages in this conversation, had a few laughs, and generally had a Real Good Time discussing Buckeye Football in a positive manner. The questions may have been written down beforehand, but the answers are all UnScripted.


1.       With two teams TBA, this season is still taking shape. A trip to Norman, OK looks to be the premier game on the schedule. Is it unreasonable to see the Buckeyes come out of Oklahoma with a resounding win?

Jeremy Schneider, OurHonorDefend:

Yes. I don't see any way possible Ohio State comes out with "a resounding win." Does that mean I think they'll lose? No. But it's going to be a great game. If the Sooners are still a top-flight program, they'll have National Championship hopes and beating OSU in Norman would go a long way to putting a claim on a spot in the title game. And if Ohio-native Bob Stoops is still at Oklahoma, he's going to want to take one out of his home-state Buckeyes, too.

Jeremy Birmingham, UnScriptedOhio:

A resounding win may not be in the cards, but a win is certainly feasible. The Buckeyes will be traveling to Norman, which is never an easy place to play, and that could be a bit of hindrance on the way to resounding. Hopefully by that time, the 2012 and 2013 defensive hauls in the recruiting game have come to fruition and the Buckeyes can lean on that side of the ball to lead the way.

Chris Hunt, TheBuckeyeBattleCry:

This season could be Coach Meyer's second National Title. A match up with the Sooners will be a dream game that could come right back around at the end of the season and be a semi-final match.

Grant Edgell, BuckeyeHouseCall:

Not unreasonable at all. Urban isn't going to want to come home from Oklahoma as the second best Ohio-guy, behind Bob Stoops, to have taken the field that night. The Buckeyes will be hyped for that trip with a shot at showcasing their talents, on a national stage, in mid-September. You remember USC's bus rocking back and forth as it came to rest in the parking lot at The 'Shoe? I fully expect to see the same when the Buckeyes arrive in Norman - even if Urban Meyer is the only one on the bus.

2.       Ohio State welcomes in Bowling Green in the opening week. As we all know, BGSU was Urban Meyer's first head coaching gig. Does he drop 70 on them just because?


I think that the Buckeyes are actually going to struggle a bit offensively in this game. The offense will likely be getting its first taste of a new QB and despite the competition, that is generally a recipe for some inconsistency. The offense will likely be a bit more run-heavy as Warren Ball and Bri'onte Dunn will be entering their senior seasons.


Urban Meyer didn't hold back any of his feelings on how he felt about Ohio State when he was the head man at Florida. The only thing that could prevent him from hanging 70 on the Falcons is if Kerry Coombs becomes their head coach.


I think we're liable to see Urban drop 70 on any team "just because," including the Falcons. I don't think he gets too into that stuff, trying to prove a point or whatever against a team he previously coached. He's been to the heights of college football (by this point, hopefully not just at Florida), so I don't see him getting too into playing BG. I know this answer may fly in the face of my answer to No. 1 here, but Meyer has been to three schools and retired twice ... err, once since he was at BG, and the Falcons aren't his alma mater. There really isn't any strong emotional connection. He didn't leave BG under bad circumstances, and I haven't heard anyone really speak ill of him from his BG days. Rather, I think people credit him with a resurgence of BGSU football.


Tough one. I say they eat at least 60. At some point it becomes less about running up the score and more about, 'how in the hell do we keep from scoring?" That's going to be one of those games, if Urban even has it in him to ask that question. The talent and physiques suited up on the two sidelines won't be comparable in any way, shape or form.

3.       There are no "homestands" in this season. Will Ohio State fans still "travel well" even though they'll be on the road every other week?


I imagine Ohio State fans will be out in full force when we head south to Big XII country to face the Sooners. The remaining road games are helped by big time match-ups at Michigan State, Penn State and Wisconsin and by proximity when the Buckeyes roam into Bloomington to close out the road schedule. I don't see a dip in travel plans in our future, even with the chopped up schedule 2016 offers. The real question might be - how many will head four hours west to Indy for the B1G Championship Game? 50-60k?


Come on. Ohio State has the largest active alumni base in the country. When my sister, an OSU grad, lived in Southern California, she and her husband watched Buckeyes games with the alumni association out there, and the bar was PACKED with scarlet and gray. OSU fans also have an interesting mix of arrogance and paranoia, meaning they know they're the best but they always feel like someone is out to unfairly besmirch them, mixed with a good serving of Rodney Dangerfield's "no respect" shtick, so they love to pack opposing stadiums to show their might and power. There are also three "must-do" road trips on there for Buckeyes fans -- Norman, Oklahoma, for the Sooners; Happy Valley for Penn State; and Madison for the Badgers.


The Buckeye fans will travel very well. They have always liked the challenge of putting as many fans, if not more, than the home team in the stands. The U game this past season was living proof in South Beach.


Buckeye fans are the best in the country, no venue is safe.

Thanks again to Jeremy, Grant, Chris, and Jeremy for sitting down at the not-so Roundtable here at UnScripted Ohio. Don't forget to check out our articles on the other seasons as well.

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