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It is Wednesday, April 25th, and Michigan still sucks.

Welcome to UnScripted Ohio's newest feature, the UnScripted Daily. This recurring column will hope to serve as your "one-stop shopping" for Ohio State news, notes, and happenings. We will try to bring you as much information as possible, in as few words as possible. I make no promises on the brevity, however.  This will also segue into our Friday afternoon column entitled "Dotting The I" in which we wrap up the week's news.

Before I dive into Wednesday's news, I wanted to thank each and every one of you who came to the site yesterday to read our inaugural column. Yes, even you. If not for our readers, we wouldn't be here. Kevin has seen something within Jeremy and I that has given him cause to provide us with our own forum with which to speak our minds on all things Buckeyes. I hope that you all see the same.

With that said, let's get right to it.

The Shoe

On Wednesday, fresh off the first Ohio State Spring Game for most of the staff, the Coaches gave us some additional insight to their practice processes and an unapologetic display of preferential treatment. I speak, of course, of the colored practice jerseys. They go from blue to red to gold and have varying degrees of restrictions and freedoms associated with them.

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Everyone, regardless of tenure or stature, starts out with the blue jersey. Obviously, you don't want to wear the blue for long, so you work to get up to that red level. Blue jersey guys are checked to ensure that they are attending class, comporting themselves in the manner befitting a Buckeye, and are watched more closely than guys who wear the red or gold. Blue jerseys cannot afford to be late to class, lest they wake up the next morning with Mickey Marotti in their room at 3am, waking them with trash can lids for 40 sets of power lifts and leg presses, followed by lots and lots of running.

When you have proven yourself, you can move up to the red practice jersey. This signifies that the staff has more confidence in you to do the things that you need to do. They are still monitored, but not as closely as blue players are. Once you have "graduated," the team holds a ceremony on the field to honor your graduation. Red players are given more leeway, because they have proven themselves. If they show up late to class, they'll get a courtesy phone call, but won't have to run in practice because they've earned it.

When a player graduates to Gold, they are what Meyer calls a "grown-ass man." This means that living off campus is available. Staff don't check to see that you're attending class. As Urban put it, "I'm not going to check to see if [John] Simon is going to class."

Simon was one of the first to be anointed with the Gold Jersey, along with Zach Boren. Meyer identified those two early on as leaders of the team, and has even gone so far as to name the two of them Team Captains. Suffice it to say, no blue or red player is likely to be a Captain under Coach Meyer's system. Only Gold, baby!

The Schott

We're in basketball limbo right now, with the only news regarding the hardwood coming from commitments from high school players. Which brings me to this point: I realize this is your day. I get that this is a big decision for you. However, there is a right way and a less right way to do things. Keeping 4 schools in suspense for almost an hour while everyone you ever met touts your accomplishments to the nation is probably the less right way to do things.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking those guys that take a while to decide on a school. But to put on a full scale production that Michael Bay would then use later for inspiration is a tad much. You're an 18 year old kid who is choosing which school to attend for at least one year. You aren't announcing a cure for cancer or revealing your cold fusion formula. Take all the time you need to decide, but once you do, keep it a low key affair, lest some people think you an attention seeker.

UnScripted Daily – April 25th, 2012

That said, newest Buckeye hoopster Amedeo Della Valle has some amazing hair. The hair alone is good for 12 points and 5 assists on any given night.

The Swish

After winning seven in a row, the Buckeye baseballers then dropped 6 straight, before breaking out of their slump with a 10-4 thumping of Illinois. Ohio State welcomes Bowling Green to town before heading out on a three game slate with Penn State, then back to Columbus to play against the visiting Penguins of Youngstown State and the Wildcats from Evanston.

The Buckeyes are sitting on a record of 22-18, including a 10-7 record at Bill Davis Stadium and 7-2 at neutral sites. Outfielder Patrick Porter will look to build on his B1G Freshman of the Week honors from two weeks ago and lead the Bucks to another winning streak.

The game against the Falcons takes place tonight at 6:35pm. My sources within the athletic department have told me that tonight is "Yellow Mustard Night." The first 1,000 fans to attend the game will receive a complimentary packet of Heinz Yellow, procured with the tireless help of the Colulmbus area 7-Eleven stores. I, for one, thank them for their contributions.


The WHAC is where we bring you the news from all the OTHER sports teams that OSU fields. We'll try and keep our news to the varsity sports, but if something on the club level rises to the level of news reporting, we'll bring that to you as well. For instance, apparently Quidditch is more important than rugby. That's cool. I put on my robe and wizard hat, then I scrum with Gryffindor.

The OSU rifle team (yes, a rifle team) has a new coach. You can imagine my surprise when it was announced and the name was not "Timothy Olyphant" given the actor's penchant for weaponry in his roles (Justified, Hitman, Deadwood). Nevertheless, Coach Ryan Tanoue brings an impressive resume to the Rifle Team, who as a squad, is world renowned.

Tanoue, who was most recently a volunteer assistant coach at his alma mater, Nevada, brings an NCAA National Championship and a U.S. Nationals Championship to Columbus. A four year All-American in air rifle and a three time All-American in smallbore rifle, Coach Tanoue brings a wealth of knowledge to Ohio State's rifle team and we at UnScripted Ohio wish him and the squad all the best.

Meanwhile, on the courts with nets, the Women's Tennis squad has opened B1G Tourney play against Penn State. The matches kick off Thursday at 10am. On the other court with nets, the top-seeded, defending National Champion Men's Volleyball team takes on 5-seed Ball State tonight at 7pm in St. John's Arena in the semifinals match of the MIVA (Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association) Tournament.  The Buckeyes are nationally ranked at anywhere from 7-10, depending on who you ask, and have a very good shot at repeating as champs.

This has been your Wednesday tour around Ohio State University's Athletic Department. Please return your trays and seatbacks to the upright and locked position for landing. Thank you for flying UnScripted Air.

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