Ohio teen frightens neighbor, who calls 911, but he was just celebrating Odell Beckham trade

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Cleveland Browns fans are going to have some fun this season.

You can’t blame them for being fired up. It has been a really long time since they were the talk of the NFL. Check that. The Browns have been the talk of the NFL plenty the past few years. Just not in a good way.

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That’s changing. Cleveland had a good finish to last season and then made a huge move this week, trading with the New York Giants for superstar receiver Odell Beckham. The Browns are the kings of the offseason.

So when one Cleveland-area fan was seen running up and and down a residential street, yelling like a madman on Wednesday night, the police were called. And officers found he had a good reason. He was excited to hear the Browns had landed Beckham.

Teen couldn’t contain excitement over Odell Beckham trade

Corita Jackson of Shaker Heights, Ohio isn’t much of a Browns fan, and she had no idea what was going on when she saw someone running down the street, whooping and hollering.

“First I thought it was a woman, because it was very high pitched,” Jackson told Fox 8 in Cleveland. “Then I saw this man running down the street just flailing his arms and I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ I put my kids back in the car, of course.”

She called the police. It was just teenager Robert Stewart, who lives right across the street.

“Boom, we got OBJ,” Stewart told Fox 8, explaining what he was so fired up about. “I was so excited I couldn’t help myself. I was just jumping around my house. My little brother told me to stop, but I couldn’t because I was so excited.”

He went outside and ran up and down the street. Police found him and asked what the commotion was about. Stewart said the officers’ reaction was, “Oh, we got OBJ?”

“Then we dapped it up,” Stewart told Fox 8. “Everything was all cool.”

Shaker Heights Police Department excited too

Everyone in the Cleveland area should be in a good mood. The Shaker Heights Police Department was when it posted about the 911 call.

The “future general manager of the Browns” still has almost nine months to go before the season kicks off. He better pace himself.

The Browns' trade for Odell Beckham caused a commotion in Ohio. (AP)
The Browns' trade for Odell Beckham caused a commotion in Ohio. (AP)

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