Ohio State stuns Notre Dame with win at the buzzer

Yahoo Sports’ Jason Fitz breaks down the matchup of the week that saw Ohio State pull out a last second victory over Notre Dame.

Video Transcript


JASON FITZ: Number 6 Ohio State headed into South Bend to take on number 9, Notre Dame. And this was supposed to be a different version of the Irish. Sam Hartman at quarterback has looked like a revelation. And finally, Notre Dame looked like they could have the competent offense they would need to be able to win big games.

But this is still Notre Dame, and somehow things still get weird. In a match-up that we expected between Hartman and frankly, the wide receiver room at Ohio State to give us explosive plays, what we really got was incredible defense on both sides of the ball. This was a 3 to 0 game at the half, with Ohio State leading. And when Ohio State finally got the first touchdown of the game on the board, you were worried that maybe we wouldn't see any other plays.

In fact, it came all the way down to the end of the fourth quarter. That's when we saw a great drive by Notre Dame. Hartman takes the lead 14-10. Everybody thinks, OK, finally the quarterback play is going to be the thing that vaults us. But no, Kyle McCord takes Ohio State down the field and with no time left on the clock, hands the ball off from the 1-yard line for a miraculous, incredible touchdown. Ohio State gets the 17-14 win.

Most importantly, Ohio State stays undefeated, shows us that this is a gritty team that looks different than most Ohio State teams we're used to seeing while they're young quarterback adjusts. And Notre Dame shows us yet again, somehow, some way, the Irish never seem to find the luck.