Ohio State receiver Xavier Johnson to sign with Bills as undrafted free agent

Now that the 2024 NFL draft is in the books with only four Ohio State players being selected. We’re now on the watch to see where some of the Buckeye players that didn’t get drafted sign as undrafted free agents.

We already have news on that front with sources indicated that OSU wide receiver Xavier Johnson will be signed by the Buffalo Bills.

By now, you know Johnson’s story well. He went from a walk-on, to specialundefined teams mainstay, to significant contributor his last two seasons wearing the scarlet and gray. He was even the “Block 0” honoree last season.

There was some thought that an NFL team might take a chance on Johnson because of his versatility and ability to play on special teams, but it appears he’ll have to now elbow his way into a role as an UFA.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on where former Ohio State players land as news comes out on the frenzied efforts to gobble up players that did not get drafted and bring it to you.

Story originally appeared on Buckeye Wire