Ohio State fan mows script Ohio into Michigan fan's lawn (Video)

Dr. Saturday

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry really is a year-round thing, even among friends.

Ty Higgins lives in Powell, a town just north of Columbus, Ohio. Naturally, he’s an Ohio State fan, but his neighbor is a fan of the rival Wolverines. The two get along well enough (they’ve been friends for 10 years) that the Michigan fan asked Higgins to keep an eye on his house while he was out of town on vacation.

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The Michigan fan probably wishes he hadn’t done so. Watch this:

How good is that? Higgins mowed the famous script Ohio into the neighbor’s lawn. He even dotted the ‘i’ with a weed whacker. Let’s compare his work to how it looks on Saturdays:


Not too shabby.

Higgins told Fox 8 in Columbus that the neighbor has yet to see the lawn in person (he returns to town on Friday), but the two communicated over text. Some sort of “payback,” Higgins said, is sure to come his way. But for now, Higgins has a leg up — both on the field and in the neighborhood.

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