Ohio State Buckeyes: Ryan Day's last words before playing host to Youngstown State

Sep. 7—Chip Trayanum looked more like a running back on Saturday at Indiana than he did last season when he was pressed into duty in an emergency situation because of injuries at the position.

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day said that is thanks to a full year training at running back instead of linebacker, the position he intended to play as a Buckeye after transferring from Arizona State (where he was a running back).

In his last remarks before the Buckeyes play host to Youngstown State on Saturday, Day also praised Trayanum for his work ethic and said he is one of the fastest players on the team.

Here are more notes from Day's interview Thursday afternoon: — Trayanum is versatile, and they hope to build on the roles we saw him fill at Indiana (running back, fullback, wing back). Trayanum is a team player with a great work ethic. He had a great offseason. He runs low and behind his pads. They had him bulk up a little in the offseason to be a change of pace back. — Playing faster on offense is a complicated issue because it can help a team get into a rhythm, but it can also lead to sputtering if you end up running into a bad defensive look you didn't have time to adjust for. Also with the clock running more now there aren't as many opportunities anyway. — Tristan Gebbia would be the third quarterback if they need one. They would love to get true freshman Lincoln Kienholz into a game to get his feet wet, but it remains to be seen if that happens. They are encouraged by what they have seen from him. He is inquisitive, but he's also farther behind having grown up in South Dakota rather than a more football-rich state like Ohio, Georgia or Texas. — The blocking of the receivers was good but could have been better Saturday. That can help spring some long runs. — Right guard Matt Jones is an older guy so he's in more of a leadership role and they need him to set an example for younger guys. — Lorenzo Styles Jr. might be down the depth chart at cornerback, but he was the special teams player of the week for hustling on kickoffs. He drew two holding penalties on coverage. — Last week they didn't get a good look at their pass rush, but Ohio State coaches were happy the team didn't panic when Indiana unveiled a triple option offense. They gave good effort. Day noted the safeties avoided getting sucked in and giving up a big play, to. — Jayden Fielding is on scholarship, and Day reiterated all the things any coach has ever said about the importance of the kicking game.