How Often Should You Wash Your Bras? The Answer Will Shock You

Bad news ladies: you should be washing your bras a lot more often than you do.

In an ideal world, experts would have us washing our delicates after every wear. That’s right, every wear. Luckily, barring an epic sweat storm, the accepted rule of thumb is a bit more realistic. Dermatologists agree that women can get away with washing their brassieres after every three or four wears. But after that, you’re wading into icky territory.

Find these figures shocking? You’re not alone.

Most women don’t realize how dirty their bras get after each wear, but when we look at your bra like underwear, which it is, frequent washing actually makes perfect sense. According to Readers Digest, if your bra isn’t washed after every three to four wears, it can start to accumulate dirt, oil, bacteria, and sweat that comes off of your body. When you’re doing things that cause you to sweat a lot, like working out or gardening in the sun, for example, the every-day rule applies.

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And it’s not just the uncleanliness that should set your teeth on edge. All that yucky buildup can actually damage the integrity of your bra, impacting its lifespan.

“The dirt and oils in our skin can break down the elasticity of the material," Jené Luciani, a bra expert for Dr. Oz, and bestselling author of The Bra Book, explained to Apartment Therapy.

But don’t start haphazardly throwing your bras in the washing machine either. As Luciani points out, washing them incorrectly can also damage them. Instead, pop your bras in a garment bag and wash them in cool water on gentle. Last but not least, always hang them or lay them out flat and leave them to air dry.

Trust us, your girls will thank you.