It's official: Twunk icon Tom Daley is heading to the 2024 Olympics

Tom Daley is going for the gold one more time!

The celebrated British diver, age 29, has been officially named to his fifth Olympic games, becoming the first British diver to ever compete that many times.

Daley won the gold medal in the 10m platform synchronized diving event at the 2020 Olympics with his diving partner Matty Lee, who, unfortunately, will not be returning for the upcoming summer games in Paris as he is recovering from spinal surgery.

Daley's new partner is Noah Williams, who competed in the Tokyo Olympics, but failed to make the finals. While Daley lives in Los Angeles with his husband Dustin Lance Black, Williams will fly to the US to train with him.

In total, Daley has one gold medal and three bronze medals. He first competed in the 2008 Olympics, when he was only 14 years old. Williams remembers the event well.

"My first memory of diving in general is at my grandad’s house and he turned the tele on and it was him [Daley] in Beijing in a handstand," Williams said.

After the 2020 Olympics, Daley took a break from the sport and many thought he was retiring. Then, in December of 2023, he returned to competition with a new diving partner, Noah Williams, and the two won the silver in the synchronized platform event. The pair also won gold at a World Cup diving event in Berlin in March.

He decided to return to diving because his son told him he wanted to see him compete.

"I'm not ready to be done and I don't think I was ready to be done and hang up my trunks and move on with that part of my life and especially when my son Robbie said 'Pappa I want to see you dive at the Olympics,'" he said.

The summer Olympic Games in Paris will be held from Friday, July 26 until Sunday, August 11.