Off-duty officer saves 24-year-old hiker from whirlpool

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An off-duty police officer in California is being

hailed a hero after quickly jumping to action.

California Highway Patrol officer Brent Donley

happened to be on the same path as a 24-year-old

hiker who misjudged the swiftness of Angel Falls.

Located near Yosemite National Park,

snow runoff can cause the Angel Falls

to flow at 50 to 80 feet per second.

The hiker was trying to cross the water when

the flow overwhelmed him and pulled him under.

Fortunately for the hiker, Donley was trained in

search and rescue and had a rope in his possession.

Donley was able to toss the hiker the other

end of the rope and pull him to safety.

Donley then stayed with the hiker and

provided first aid until the EMS arrived.

The harrowing scene was caught on

video by a bystander and the Madera County

Sheriff’s Office shared it on Facebook.

“A 24-year-old Fresno man needs to buy a lottery

ticket because today is his lucky day! We sincerely

thank Officer Donley for his quick-thinking and

preparedness. This Search and Rescue call could

have ended very badly if not for his help".

The office also advised that should anyone

see a drowning hiker that they should not

jump into the water to rescue them

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