Odell Beckham: Ravens are the best team I've been on

The last team Odell Beckham played on, the 2021 Rams, won the Super Bowl. So it's noteworthy that Beckham thinks his current team is the best team he has played for.

Beckham said in the Ravens' locker room after Sunday's win over the Dolphins that he's sure the 2023 Ravens are the best team he has ever played for.

"This is the best team I've ever been on, from the top to the bottom. We set ourselves up for success," Beckham said, as shown on Inside the NFL. "Everything is right in front of us."

In the regular season, there's little doubt about that: In fact, based purely on the 16 games they've already played, this Ravens team is one of the best teams in NFL history. With victories by scores like 33-19 over the 12-4 49ers, 56-19 over the 11-5 Dolphins and 38-6 over the 11-5 Lions, this year's Ravens are blowing out good opponents in a way that hasn't happened before.

But great teams are judged by what they do in the postseason. Beckham and his teammates know that they have to win three more games — two at Baltimore in the AFC playoffs and then in the Super Bowl — to go down in history as truly great.